Sunday, March 31, 2013

this cold will outlast the winter. lyrics

broken veins

every mile, a godforsaken plain

head hung from the weight of the cold
the warmth I knew, gone away
now frigid blood, broken veins
carved from ice, shattered lives
mankind overtaken by vice
deadened nerves, frostbitten skin
there’s never been a point to this

we are not a final purpose
we are not a true solution
there will be no future for us
I look forward to our dissolution
I could appreciate the motion of a free fall
I could embrace the final impact
I could welcome the end of this all
I could find peace as the sun went black

holding your head below
as the water freezes over
scratch from beneath the surface
grasp what you’ve done to us
you’ll see the hurt which we all cause
upon the fragility surrounding
ripped to shreds by insatiable jaws
may our extinction be resounding

no matter what you pray to
no matter where death finds you
this is all that can exist
when it ends it fucking ends
keep living in your false hope
it’s all that keeps slack in the rope

long live

if I could bring anything upon anyone else
I’d cause more ruin in your life
send an illness you can’t shake
create a misery that you can’t take
load burdens to crush the soul
hurl bricks to shatter bones

I’m sickened by the thought of your being
and the idea of your heart still beating
your existence is a tragedy
appearance; a misfortune

you’ve made an embarrassment of yourself
your voice is the rot of this place
I hope you don’t change a thing
I hope that you remain breathing

death will be your gift
so long live, long live

eyes laid low

spending all of my days with my eyes laid so low
head hung so heavy by this familiar sorrow
the world never stops and offers me a hand
getting up is on my own, I’ve taught myself  how to stand

I‘ll get nowhere if I’m looking for fucking a break
it’s all on myself to get what I can take
fucking fighting for a single inch of  stability
and I keep my fists clinched hard until I’m finally freed
grief will lead me nowhere, this heartache is enough
I’m turning it into rage to fight until I’m looking up
there will always be battles that I know I’ll never win
so I’ll roll with the punches and live my life by my intentions

we are our own heartbreak
we are our own hope

I gave all my time to spiting you
if only misery would follow all you do
I’d give anything to watch you fall apart
but now I see you were worthless from the start


the sky hangs

life wanes

bones break
your own weight

there’s nothing there to hear your call
though you still spout your words in vain
this entire existence, so worthlessly small
and we’re on our own through it all

whoever said that they could come to save us
never got to look at what we really are
no life should follow faded lines from buried men
it’s only submission you let inside your heart
embrace the absence, embrace a life
guide yourself, drop the guilt off of your chest
you’ve slipped your neck through the tightest noose
without the strength to hold your head

you’ve got no cross to bear
it’s just a fucking crutch
you’ll never see a hell
they’ve left us to ourselves
no worth in faith

no hope in love

to our own devices

lately I’ve been feeling as though

death is creeping ever close
one can only hold out for so long
before everything thing around has gone
it’s a curse that runs deep, a staggering fear
don’t leave me the last one standing
hopeless and choked, voice too muffled to hear
without mercy, won’t allow my ending
I can’t take that weight of remaining
such burdens would prove crippling
the wounded holding confusion so angering
their voices were still trying to sing
I would take their place
so I didn’t have to feel their loss
just let me take their place
they don’t know that heaven is lost

far too young to be clinging to all this guilt
foundations for haunted lives
in the wake, more bodies drowning still
broken kids left to their own devices
see the rubble, ruins of a brighter time
who could have seen an end like this?
cursed are the good, blessed are the blind

I'm still screaming for the dead and missed

don’t leave me alone

almost finished recording our first demo. keep checking back.